Hello world!

Hello World … this will be my first attempt at writing a blog.

Having been associated with risk management, insurance etc. in financial services for the past 20 years, it is time to do something different (that is, in addition to the bread-winning chores).

I want to create a platform where I can share thoughts and experiences (whether relating to our industry or to life in general … it will be a blank canvas approach) that will, hopefully help others along the way.

Someone once said that we are the sum total of the experiences we have been through and the people we have met.

My 20 years in the industry have truly been 20 years of experience in various countries and in a variety of roles. But, in terms of life experience, I feel that I have only just started skimming surfaces.

I want this to be a platform where people read, contribute, support and uplift each other on this awesome journey. Hence the reason why I also created /posted this blog under a new category: Life’s Fellowship. We’re in it together; let’s make the most of it.

Watch the space for my first blog within the next few days.

Sincerely … James

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