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“Every Home is a Lampstand”

Context A journey is characterised not only by waymarks and decisions at every turning but is also reinforced by lessons we learn from others who travelled the road before us or, indeed, from our own mistakes and metanoia. Debates in … Continue reading

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In my working life I have had the fortune of  living in 6 countries and of visiting many countries across 4 continents. . Rubbing shoulders in multi-cultural societies can go one of two ways: one can appreciate more the diversity in … Continue reading

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2012: Three Gems and an Indomitable Spirit

  When penning the first words for this piece in 2011 I christened it ‘To Hell and Back’. The reasons for this are self-explanatory as one reads through it. However, time flew and I found myself finishing off this piece … Continue reading

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David vs. Goliath

On 24 August AM Best changed Oman Insurance Co’s ‘A’ (Excellent) rating from negative to stable and evoked a personal, positive sentiment. This is perhaps the closest a whistle-blower can get to a ‘reward’ for upholding professionalism even at personal … Continue reading

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Psychopathy versus governance

[] Having recently relocated from Qatar back to Dubai I had the unenviable task of sorting through the various insurance and risk related books and papers I accumulated over the years. I do not know whether it was the mood … Continue reading

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Better is not good enough when best is an alternative

Reflection This week for many around the world is a time of recollection and quiet introspection. It is a time when, at least from Good Friday to Easter Sunday once slows down the pace of work and search within for … Continue reading

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The Photograph (In Remembrance of Christmas)

The stage depicting a quiet setting: a babe in a crib sleeping silently; the centre of attention. His mother and father gazing fondly; indeed, a scene of affection.   Call in the photographer to capture this moment: “The fulfilment of … Continue reading

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