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“Every Home is a Lampstand”

Context A journey is characterised not only by waymarks and decisions at every turning but is also reinforced by lessons we learn from others who travelled the road before us or, indeed, from our own mistakes and metanoia. Debates in … Continue reading

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A lighter shade of pale

‘Never’ and ‘always’ are absolutes. We do not live in a world of black on white. Rather, we experience realities in infinite shades of grey. Nor do we uniformly perceive, live or interpret the same experience. In fact there is … Continue reading

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RSA and a Good Plate of Pasta

Today’s blog is more secular but still thought provoking nonetheless. It draws upon an example from my market environment but the learning points are universal.

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Substance not Quantity After a taxing day at work one of the things I enjoy most is cooking. It’s my tryst with myself. I do not get to do that very often because I generally find a freshly cooked meal, my wife … Continue reading

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7 Cardinal Rules

It’s funny how I stumbled across this link to a song that saw me through a relatively tough patch some eight years ago. Although I am a firm believer in Divine providence as I am sure many people are, the … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Hello World … this will be my first attempt at writing a blog. Having been associated with risk management, insurance etc. in financial services for the past 20 years, it is time to do something different (that is, in addition … Continue reading

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